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Humana Insurance– A Texas Choice

Humana Insurance is one of the choices for Texas health insurance. Humana is one of the nations largest publicly traded health benefits companies with approximately 7.0 million medical members. Humana is located primarily in 19 states including Texas .  They offer coordinated health insurance coverage and related services -- through traditional and Internet-based plans -- to individuals and employers.


Humana has been around and will stay around for a long time!

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Humana Insurance, headquartered in Louisville , Kentucky has a 43-year history of helping to transform the health care business. It began as a nursing home operator, grew America 's largest hospital company, and now provides health insurance and related-specialty products.


Humana’s financial strength provides a comfort for its customers. Their 2003 numbers prove that they’ll be around when you need them.

  • Fortune 200 company revenues of approximately $12.2 billion
  • Total assets of approximately $5.2 billion
  • Pre-tax income rose to $345 million from $210 million in 2002
  • Net income was $228 million compared to the net income of $143 million in 2002.
  • Membership number: approximately 6.8 million

Focus on Personalized Service


Humana's focus today is to give their customers personalized, actionable health benefits information in real time. Using the right blend of product designs and information technology they are achieving administrative simplicity for all of their customers including individuals, employer groups, physicians, hospitals and other health care providers.

Many individuals rely on them for insurance coverage. HumanaOne, it’s individual insurance plans, offers consumers lasting value through experience, nationwide presence and ability to secure cost-saving discounts. These insurance plans provide the kind of flexible, reliable coverage that consumers are seeking, plus many of the features usually found only in group plans.

The company's specialty products—dental, life and disability insurance—complement its core health offerings. They provide health benefits and related services to companies ranging from fewer than 10 to tens of thousands of employee, they offers a wide range of products and services designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Employers can choose from a selection of cost-effective health plans and have the convenience of a single source of employee benefits, along with expert advice to get the most from their benefit dollar.

Those with their coverage have access to hundreds of thousands of doctors across the nation. In fact, their ChoiceCare Network includes more than 320,000 physicians and ancillary care providers in 50 states and the District of Columbia , serving 1.3 million PPO members.

E-business - Their Newest Business Model

Humana Insurance continues to receive accolades for its online, self-service capabilities. Information Week and eWEEK Fast Track 500 have each recognized them for its leadership in and commitment to e-business solutions through technological, procedural and organizational innovation. Their e-business approach focuses on meeting the changing information needs for all its customers with an emphasis on creating informed health care consumers with tools like

  • Health Plan Wizard helps it’s members make the right coverage choice.
  • PlanProfessorsm helps keep its members educated on health care issues.
  • MyHumana is a secured personal home page that allows members to consolidate information, set preferences and do all health benefit transactions at one location.
  • Maximize Your Benefit provides information about pharmacy benefits.
  • Rx Calculator helps members project what their pharmacy costs will be and make pharmacy benefit plan decisions based on their budget and medical needs.

Humana takes its members' health very seriously. The company puts extensive energy and resources into providing access to services that seek to help people get well and prevent them from getting sick in the first place.