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Texas Health Insurance Is An Important Investment.
Read About Your Benefits Manager - Your Trusted Partner In That Purchase!

Texas health insurance - provides services to meet the health insurance needs of a growing clientele. 

Texas health insurance -  Our agent is licensed and contracted by only the most reputable name brand carriers to administer and ensure coverage of applicants applying for health insurance policies.  In turn we service those same policy holders at no additional cost to the insured. This is a very different arrangement compared to most online insurance agencies who are only there to sell you a policy, collect their commission, and move to the next prospect. See our testimonials for proof of this concept.

 For Texas health insurance, our web site is recognized by TOPSITELIST as an invaluable tool to our insured because it markets the many different insurance plans available as well as services those same insured after the purchase.

 We are unique because we offer many insurance plans/quotes at a time and on-going client support including claim processing. As our valued client, you will appreciate our unbiased insurance quotes from insurance providers eager for you business -- healthy competition means better products and services at lower prices for you.

For New Comers & Policy Holders. 

 …we emphasize satisfaction of your needs in the Texas health insurance field. Our web site easily allows either the client or new comer to evaluate cost and benefit level. Either party can fully analyze and shop for their personal situation in just one trusted place. We believe that your true empowerment comes with understanding your need and how your insurance policy performs.  We are here to assist you in making an informed decision about health care plans offered in your area.  Consider us the “Best Buy Guide” for health insurance companies with a neutrality standard.  We work with you, your employees and your underwriter during enrollment, plan utilization and renewal.  With over fifteen years of experience in the health insurance market we can provide quality long term affordable health insurance.

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 For The Insurance Carriers.

We emphasize accuracy and exactness with your application process.  Our web site easily allows potential policy holders to apply on-line through our secured web site.  Policy issue time is cut in half and that is what the market demands. These potential policy holders can fully analyze and shop their needs among the many carriers whom contract us for field underwriting & sales.  We remain neutral and do not persuade these potential policy holders to any one carrier.  This insures that the policy holder that chooses your services really understands what you provide and has confidence therein.  Therefore, this results in greater long term satisfaction and lower costs for you as an insurer.  We also service that same policy holder by updating them of changes you administrate, changes on legislative and compliance level.  We service and resolve their claim problems which lower your cost of customer service and communication factors.  Years of experience shows that the client would rather communicate their problem with whom enrolled them.  This communication would preferably be with one party and not multiple portals and or people.  They need to feel and have results that work to their benefit.

 Who We Are
 oa.gif Mike Oliphant – Licensed agent. Field Screen Underwriting and Sales Department Manager.  Founder of Texas-Health-Insurance-Online.com.  Seventeen years of experience in the health insurance market place.  To see Mike's resume <click here>.  Hobbies include camping with his family, ATV sand dune & trail riding with his sons, reading, youth programs, and council & debate on healthcare issues as Honorary Chairman for Utah on the National Republican Congressional Committee.
 oa.gif Lauri Schow – Team Leader for Administration Department.  Experience-Held multiple office administrative positions.  Hobbies include activities with family, crafts, and singing.